Top 5 Ways to Hide Cellulite and Dimply Skin

The dimply, cottage-cheese appearance of cellulite is an unsightly look that a lot of cellulite sufferers wish to get rid of. If you’re looking for fast solutions on how to hide cellulite temporarily for a special occasion or beach event, you can employ the following top 5 methods.

 – Use Self Tanning Products –

Cellulite appears more noticeable on pale skin because of the shadows created by the lumpy fat deposits. To hide cellulite, you can tan your skin using a self-tanner. It moisturizes and helps your skin have a healthy glow.

Apply a quality self-tanning lotion regularly. Spray it evenly onto the problem areas first. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes before spraying the lotion over your entire legs and other areas. Let it dry for another 30 minutes before putting your clothing on.

– Use Body Makeup –

Makeup is a great fix for covering up skin imperfections. Try creamy concealer which helps even skin tone and hide redness. Select the appropriate color of concealer depending on the color of your blemishes.

Be sure to read the product’s labels and find out if it corrects color of skin flaws effectively. Typically, tinted concealer is applied first; then, translucent powder and another concealer follows. Lastly, spray on a makeup to keep the concealer in place.

– Wear Shapewear Under Your Clothes –

When wearing jersey clothes and garments that tend to reveal cellulite affected areas, it’s best to use shapewear, girdles and body shapers. These clothing items help hide cellulite. Choose a nude-colored shapewear to put on under dresses, skirts and pants.

– Accessorize With Cleverly Placed “Extras” –

When going to the beach in a bathing suit, conceal those dimply thighs and legs by wearing a skirted bathing suit, which can cover upper thighs and buttocks. Tie a long, flowing scarf around your hips like a sash (or just use a sash). Wear skirts that attract attention to the mid section rather than the legs and thighs. Wear belts that attract the eye.

– Think Ahead With Your Outfit – 

If your cellulite is visible on the legs, then it’s best to wear long, comfortable pants or skirts. If it’s on the arms, long sleeve dresses, shirts, and jackets are best. If you have cellulite on your stomach, then belly shirts are obviously a big no-no. Basically, just choose clothing that will cover areas afflicted with cellulite.

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