The Coffee and Cellulite Remedy

Caffeine has been a common ingredient in numerous anti cellulite creams for a good reason. It has plenty of benefits for improving the skin’s appearance and minimizing the visibility of cellulite. The good news is you can easily concoct your own cellulite-fighting treatment with the use of coffee as a primary ingredient.

What You Need to Do

To make a coffee and cellulite remedy, prepare the following materials and ingredients: one half cup of fresh coffee grounds, two tablespoons of virgin olive oil, loofah, plastic wrap, spoon, bowl and microwave. Prepare a half cup of coffee grounds and place them in a bowl. Mix two tablespoons of virgin olive oil to the coffee and stir using a spoon. You may opt to heat the coffee grounds in the microwave for several seconds if they’re not warm enough.

Stand in the bathtub and use a loofah mitt to massage the mixture onto your skin in circular motions. Focus on the affected areas like the legs, thighs and buttocks. Allow as much coffee grounds as possible to stick to your skin. Wrap the problem areas with a plastic wrap and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash your body with warm water afterwards.

Why Coffee Works to Reduce Cellulite

Coffee contains caffeine which helps flush out toxins from the body, enhance circulation and lessen water retention, hence lessening the lumpy, cottage-cheese texture on your skin. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants which capably reduce inflammation, dilate blood vessels and pump blood faster. It promotes the release of stored water in your body and stimulates circulation. Moreover, coffee helps tone and firm your body, thereby reducing the visibility of cellulite. It’s best applied topically by following the procedure detailed above.

Is it Effective?

Although caffeine has stimulating effects that result in a clearer and more toned appearance of the skin, visible improvements are typically temporary only. Some individuals who tried the remedy claim that the topical application of coffee and cellulite remedy provides positive results on restoring the smoothness of affected areas. Still, some critics say that caffeine is not capable of penetrating the skin deeply enough to reach the fat cells responsible for cellulite buildup. Experts also recommend to avoid using too much coffee since it could possibly dehydrate the skin.

How Fast Does It Work?

It may take up to two or more weeks to start seeing significant improvements. For best results, apply the treatment on a regular basis and pair it with a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and exercise.

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