Mesotherapy for Cellulite – Is It Effective?

Mesotherapy is a relatively popular treatment that first spread throughout Europe and South America. In the recent years, it has also become wildly known in the U.S. But is mesotherapy for cellulite actually a good medication choice? Some argue that the results are inadequate to treat cellulite while others claim that it works well enough to melt fat. Let’s examine the procedure further.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a kind of injection lipolysis that utilizes microinjections of certain formulas to melt excess fat deposits. Basically, the treatment involves injecting a mixture of substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, drugs, homeopathic medications and other ingredients. These formulations are penetrated onto the mesoderm, which is the skin’s bottom layer and foundation for muscles, connective tissue and fat in the circulatory system. The procedure aims to dissolve fat deposits and renew the skin in order to reduce cellulite and improve the skin’s appearance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Mesotherapy for cellulite is somewhat costly. Averagely, each mesotherapy session costs around $200-300. The treatment usually involves 8-10 sessions to deliver effective results so the cost may rise up to $2,000 or higher. The patient will see significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite at the end of 10 sessions which takes several weeks for completion.

How Effective Is It Really?

Many people who tried the treatment reported considerable losses in weight of 4-10 inches. Supporters of the procedure claim that you can expect long term cellulite removal, as long as you retain your current weight. The results may not be permanent though since there’s no guarantee that cellulite will not develop again. Once you gain weight later on after the treatment, there’s still the possibility of forming cellulite in your skin again.

What Are The Side Effects?

Common side effects include swelling, redness, bruising, irritation and itching. An unfortunate possibility is permanent scarring.

Is It Really Worth It?

On the whole, mesotherapy for cellulite appears to be a viable solution to get rid of excess fat that could result to cellulite reduction. It helps to improve a person’s appearance cosmetically without using an invasive procedure like liposuction. However, the treatment is not 100% guaranteed to remove your cellulite. Depending on the treating physician you choose, mesotherapy chemicals, the extent of your cellulite problem and several other factors such as age, your cellulite may or may not get reduced. It’s best to consult with a qualified health professional who can perform the treatment with a high level of expertise.

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