Massage Therapy For Cellulite – Does It Work?

What is an anti cellulite massage therapy and is it actually effective? This question is probably lingering in your mind for a while now, if you’re one of those frustrated by the dreadful cellulite skin condition. Massage is claimed to be one of the most effective cellulite treatments that reduces the visibility of lumps and bumps on the skin. Let’s discuss the procedure further below.

What is Anti Cellulite Massage Therapy?

Basically, an anti cellulite massage is a non-invasive and relaxing technique that targets the stored fat under your skin without using any surgical equipment. It’s a natural method that involves special massage techniques to soothe away the lumpy deposits.

The main benefits of massage therapy for cellulite elimination include the following: relieving stress and relaxing the body; improving the body’s overall functions; improving the lymphatic system; stimulating circulation; and relieving muscle spasms.

All of these benefits are conducive to cellulite treatment. When your stress and tension reduce, the buildup of fat storage that form cellulite significantly lessens. Furthermore, supporting the lymphatic system helps reduce cellulite.

How It The Treatment Works

To undergo the treatment, you can go to a qualified therapist for a massage session or you can perform the massage at home on your own. Most massage sessions last for an hour. Clients are typically asked to remove their clothing but they can leave some clothes on if they’re more comfortable with it. They will be covered with towels and only cellulite-affected areas will be exposed for the massage.

For an at-home cellulite massage, it’s essential to use a quality body lotion or anti cellulite cream. You could also use a mixture of essential oils. The process involves kneading, pinching and rubbing the affected regions and applying long, smooth strokes. An essential thing to keep in mind is to apply strokes towards the heart to improve circulation.

Is Special Lotion Required?

As mentioned earlier, using a body lotion, cream or some essential oils is important for the massage to work. This is because an anti cellulite massage therapy requires friction, rubbing and twisting which could actually be painful when done without any cream. Firm pressure is applied on the problem areas to target accumulated fat. Dry massage can be tough so the use of creams greatly helps.

How Fast Does It Work?

In terms of appearance, you can most likely observe noticeable improvements after a few sessions of the massage therapy. You will notice diminished visibility of cellulite with continued treatment. Massage helps a lot in making your skin appear smoother without the lumpy fats but it doesn’t guarantee complete elimination of cellulite.

The exact time period that a cellulite massage treatment takes effect could vary from person to person, depending on the extent of the cellulite problem. If you’ve opted for home self-massage, you can personally assess your cellulite problem and see if there are any significant improvements as you go along. Spending half an hour a day for an anti cellulite massage will help in your battle against cellulite.

Are There Any Side Effects I Should No?

Generally, an anti cellulite massage therapy is safe. Still, since the method involves applying firm pressure on the skin, you may get mild bruises after the procedure. By using cellulite creams and applying the right techniques, you can avoid this possible side effect.

How Effective Is Anti Cellulite Massage Therapy?

The efficacy of a cellulite massage can’t be fully assessed since the application process tends to vary depending on the massage therapists or self-massage techniques you use. The level of pressure applied plays an important role in making the treatment work. Massage doesn’t eliminate cellulite completely but it delivers valuable benefits such as improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Through this, the orange peel appearance of cellulite is temporarily reduced.

Overall, massage treatments are recommended natural methods for improving the appearance of your skin and making it smoother than usual. It’s a great way to reduce cellulite, especially when incorporated into a cellulite-fighting strategy along with proper diet and regular exercise.