7 Steps to Naturally Get Rid of Your Cellulite

Nobody wants a dimply skin that looks like orange peel. Unfortunately, cellulite is the bane in many people’s life, especially women. Although there’s a seemingly endless pool of remedies springing up everywhere claiming to eliminate cellulite, not all of them work well. A great way to tackle your problem is to start with natural solutions. Follow these seven powerful steps on how to get rid of cellulite naturally.

Step 1 – Tone Your Body and Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Start a regular exercise routine, no matter how little free time you have each day. Simple cardio exercises like walking around the neighborhood or brisk walking on the treadmill help a lot to shed off unnecessary fats and keep your weight at an average level.

Exercising helps improve circulation and get rid of fat, hence preventing cellulite buildup. When you tone your legs and problem areas, cellulite lumps and bumps appear less visible. If you’re really into it, why not try more targeted exercises such as squats and lunges with light weights and increase the intensity as you go on.

Step 2 – Improve Your Diet.

It’s about time that you stop pushing away nutritious foods for unhealthy items. Add more veggies and fruits to your diet and cut out your intake of junk foods and fast foods as well as sugary desserts. Highly processed foods should also be avoided since they contain too much fat and sodium. Eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet. A balanced nutrition works to combat cellulite by  improving your skin circulation, reducing water retention and giving your skin a healthy glow. On the other hand, fatty foods greatly reduce skin elasticity and delay circulation which could worsen cellulite buildup.

Step 3 – Massage the Affected Areas.

Massage is a wonderful relaxing method on how to get rid of cellulite naturally. In theory, massage helps break down fatty deposits and restores circulation to the problem areas. It also improves the functions of the lymphatic system, helping your body lose fat more quickly.

When doing a massage, you could either use your hands or special equipment called a cellulite massage roller. You can also simply go to massage therapist for a convenient treatment.

Step 4 – Try Anti Cellulite Creams.

Typically, creams are used when doing a cellulite-reducing massage. You can also apply a quality anti cellulite cream before bedtime so your skin can absorb it overnight.

Manufacturers claim that anti cellulite creams contain special ingredients that effectively battle cellulite by stimulating blood flow and lymphatic functions deep into the skin. These creams also support growth of connective tissue to replace the skin with a new, smoother one. Generally, users can observe significant results after several weeks of topical application.

Step 5 –  Wear Cellulite Shorts.

These clothing wear are made from specialized materials that target cellulite reduction by massaging the skin continuously, thereby improving circulation. They are usually tight and comfortable to use.

You can wear cellulite shorts without clothing or as undergarment. It’s best recommended to wear cellulite shorts as you perform your exercise routines for better results.

Step 6 – Dry Brush Your Skin.

Dry brushing has several benefits: it supports blood flow, eliminates toxins, and stimulates the skin as well as lymphatic and nervous systems. It helps get the fat to dissolve more quickly and promotes growth of new skin cells.

To apply the treatment, use a natural fiber brush to dry brush your whole body for 15 minutes, before taking a shower. Start by brushing your feet and move upwards. Apply slow, long strokes towards the heart. Shower or bathe afterwards to get rid of toxins and dead skin. You can dry brush your entire body once daily and dry brush the problem areas twice.

Step 7 – Try Homemade Body Wraps.

Body wraps reduce cellulite appearance by tightening and toning the skin and improving circulation. There are various recipes for homemade body wraps that you can try. One of the best combinations is the use of coffee grounds and essential oils. Make your own anti cellulite body wrap with this recipe…

First, gather some warm coffee grounds after you brew your early morning coffee. Combine warm water, olive oil, sea salt, bentonite clay and coffee grounds until they form a paste. Rub the mixture onto your skin and cover with a plastic wrap. You may leave it on for 30 minutes up to an hour. Bathe afterwards.

By following this step-by-step guideline, you can certainly get noticeable improvements on the appearance of your skin. Just be consistent in applying the treatments and always have a healthy lifestyle.

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