7 Excellent Exercises for Cellulite Removal

Since cellulite is essentially accumulated fat beneath the skin, burning off those unnecessary fats will help diminish the cottage-cheese appearance on your skin. Strength-building exercises and those that spot-train the affected areas of the body are especially helpful. Shape up your body with these 7 awesome exercises for cellulite removal.

Simple Cardiovascular Exercises

These types of exercises are quite beneficial for eliminating cellulite since they stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Moreover, cardiovascular exercises quickly burn fat that’s trapped under the skin’s surface and effectively strengthen muscle groups. Walking and jogging target cellulite around the thighs.

Other effective cardio exercises for cellulite removal include cycling, running and swimming. If you’re not physically fit, start with less intense exercises such as taking 15-minute walks around the neighborhood. You could increase the time gradually and try more intense exercises.

Seated Pillow Squeeze

The seated pillow squeeze is a thigh exercise that focuses on strengthening leg muscles and diminishing cellulite on the thighs. To do this exercise, sit on a chair with your kneesĀ  bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet on the ground.

Put a pillow between your legs. Squeeze your thighs firmly and exhale deeply. Hold the position for a minute and then return to your original position. Repeat this exercise several times.

Seated Bridge

The seated bridge targets cellulite around the buttocks and thighs by burning fat and strengthening muscle groups in these areas. To perform the exercise, sit on the edge of a chair and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Make sure your feet are rested on the floor. Place your palms on both sides of the chair and slowly lift your hips, letting your hands and feet carry your body weight. Continue lifting your hips until you reach a bridge shape. Stay in this position for one minute, breathing normally during the process. Go back to the original position afterwards. Repeat the procedure at least four times.


Yoga works well in reducing cellulite by relieving emotional and mental stress which are major contributors to cellulite formation for most people.

Stress weakens connective tissues and worsens the visibility of cellulite. Yoga exercises have various other health benefits. You could learn how to do yoga at home on your own or join group sessions with a yoga instructor.


Squats are great for your glutes and quads. Keep your feet apart, with your toes pointing forward. Slowly bend at the waste and then push your weight back towards your heels.

Begin lowering yourself, with your back straightened. Ensure that your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle, not bending past your toes. Return to the original position. You can repeat this exercise up to 20 times.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunges are wonderful exercises for cellulite removal that target the inner thighs, glutes and quads. These cellulite-affected areas are spot-trained to burn calories, tone the muscles and make the skin firm.

To do a lateral lunge, stand upright with your feet wide apart and hands on the hips. Inhale deeply while stepping out to the right side. This would shift your weight to your right leg. Bend your knee at a 90-degree angle. Try to keep your back straight while shifting your weight in your heels. As you exhale, return to the center starting position by pushing back with your right leg. Do 20 repetitions on the right side before switching to the left leg.

Strength Training

Strength training helps condition and tighten problem areas, especially cellulite around the arms, legs, buttocks and thighs. It’s one of the toughest exercise techniques though since the workout demands much effort.

A good strength training method is weight-lifting. You don’t necessarily need large amount of weight since any weight that fits your capacity will do. Your primary goal is to tighten cellulite-affected regions. Start by using a leg press, with around 25 pounds of pressure. You could also do squats with five-pound dumbbells.

Cellulite is never an attractive feature but with the help of these and other exercises for cellulite removal, you can greatly increase your chances of eliminating these unsightly blemishes.