My 7 Step Anti Cellulite Body Wrap Recipe

Anti cellulite body wraps are claimed to be effective in taking off inches from various parts of the body, commonly the thighs, hips, legs and waist. While there are dozens & dozens of different recipes for anti cellulite body wraps, we are just going to focus on one; the “Coffee” body wrap. It’s very powerful and it just happens to be my all time favorite.

The Coffee Body Wrap Recipe For Cellulite Removal

Coffee contains caffeine which increases blood circulation and combats cellulite. Topical application of coffee removes toxins in the body due to its antioxidant properties. Use the recipe below to make your own detoxifying coffee body wrap at home.

First, prepare the following materials and ingredients: 35-120 ounce of coffee grounds, depending on your body size; one tsp olive oil; one tsp eucalyptus oil; one tsp nutmeg; one tsp rosemary oil; one tsp seaweed oil; three tsp sea salt; a large bowl; plastic cling wrap; and a washcloth. Got all the materials? Then follow the 7 steps below.

– Step 1 –

Brew coffee and allow it to cool in a large bowl. Ensure that the coffee grounds are warm enough but not hot. You may opt to brew just enough coffee to wrap certain problem areas or cover your entire body.

– Step 2 –

Take a warm bath or shower to open your skin pores for easier absorption of the coffee body wrap. Exfoliate cellulite-affected areas.

– Step 3 –

Combine coffee grounds, seaweed oil, eucalyptus oil, olive oil and sea salts in a bowl. Mix until a paste is formed. Warm the mixture in a microwave if it has turned too cool.

– Step 4 –

Place several beach towels down in those areas where you’ll apply the coffee mixture. Massage the paste to your skin in circular motion and firm strokes.

– Step 5 –

After you finish rubbing, wrap each area with a plastic cling wrap. Go around each body part twice or more to make sure that it’s completely covered and properly wrapped.

– Step 6 –

Leave the coffee paste on for around half an hour. You could walk on a treadmill or exercise a bit during this period for better cellulite reduction.

– Step 7 –

Remove the wrap and take a warm shower using a mild body soap. Massage your skin in circular motions to wash off the paste. After the treatment, you may apply an anti cellulite cream or body lotion for a smoother skin.

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